Xbox Series X Digital Model Is Being Looked Into by Microsoft; Other Hardware Is Planned for 2025 – Rumor

A new Xbox Series X model is currently being looked into by Microsoft, according to rumors circulating online.

Speaking during the Xbox Era podcast, Shpeshal Nick revealed that he’s heard that Microsoft is looking into releasing a new model of their current-generation console without the disc drive. Additionally, the company is apparently planning to release other hardware sometime in 2025. What this other hardware is hasn’t been specified, so we do not know if it is a mid-gen refresh like the Xbox One X or something completely different. As an APU that would be powering this new console is apparently not in the works, as revealed by reliable AMD leakers, it is unlikely that the unspecified hardware is a more powerful Xbox Series X model.

Releasing an Xbox Series X Digital model makes a ton of sense, even almost three years into the generation, to offer a cheaper option for those who are still on the fence about the console. Despite this making a lot of sense, however, we have to take everything that was revealed today with a grain of salt until official word comes in on the matter.

As of now, the cheapest way to get into the current console generation on Microsoft’s side is getting an Xbox Series S. Despite having been received well by customers, the console has often gone under fire from developers due to its technical limitations, which force studios to take them into account at the beginning of development. These limitations are so problematic that they have prevented Larian Studios from releasing their successful Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X and S at the same time as on PlayStation 5.