CES 2024: Cooler Master shows off PC hardware line-up

CES is here, and Cooler Master has much to show during the event. New components, a unique-looking system, and a Mini-LED monitor are just some of the new hardware on the way for 2024.

Starting with its new AIO CPU cooler, the Cooler Master G11 AIO uses a dual pump and dual chamber design, a 360mm radiator, and Mobius fans to cool up to 300W of CPU. Customisation is a key feature of the G11 AIO, as you can even 3D-print some parts to make it look more unique. If you prefer an air cooler, Cooler Master is also introducing the V8 3DVC. It has a redesigned vapour chamber and “Superconductive Composite” heat pipes and can handle up to 300W of power. Then, there’s also the new Mobius 120 Slim fan, perfect for smaller enclosures with limited space.

Moving on to the new cases, the new Masterbox 600 looks worth keeping your eyes on. It supports motherboards with back connectors, 420mm radiators, and 410mm-long graphics cards. The case also comes with three Sickleflow 140mm fans and a CF120 on the rear. The other case shown by the company is the TD500 Max, featuring a 360x38mm Atmos radiator, a GXII 850W ATX3.0 Max version PSU and Mobius 120P ARGB fans out-of-the-box. For an even easier building experience, the case comes with these components already pre-installed and pre-routed and provides a two-stage power connector for easier cable management.

As for the new PSUs, there’s the X Silent Edge fanless PSU, which uses an “advanced” heat pipe technology to keep the PSU cool without needing a fan. Available with 850W and 1100W, it supports digital monitoring via MasterCTRL software and uses Infineon IC chips and an active bridge rectifier to increase efficiency and performance. Additionally, there are the X Silent Max PSUs, packing Mobius fans and an enhanced modular thermal structure to cool the unit. Like the X Silent Edge, it supports digital monitoring and MasterCTRL software and features an active bridge rectifier and Infineon IC chips.

Besides components, Cooler Master also unveiled the Masterhub. Due to its different modules, this modular platform can be used by content creators, PC enthusiasts and streamers. As part of the streaming kit, there’s the 15XKEY module with 15 customisable LCD keys, complemented by the 2XROLLER and the 5XFADER modules. Then, there’s the creator kit, which adds a 1xDial and 3xKnob modules. The Masterhub is set atop an aluminium stand that supports vertical and horizontal placements. Cooler Master promises to increase app support and launch larger modules based on community feedback.

Cooler Master also revealed its new Mini-LED GP2711 monitor. With a unique heatsink and thermal back cover for fanless cooling, the new monitor offers a 3000:1 contrast ratio, so it should be VA. The panel uses Quantum Dot, enhancing colour reproduction and covering 93.5% Adobe RGB and 95% DCI-P3 colour gamuts. Its refresh rate is 165Hz, while the response time is 1ms (<4 ms GtG). The monitor comes factory calibrated with a Delta E ≤ 2 and is TUV Certified Eye Comfort, featuring a Low Blue Light mode and flicker-free technology. It includes USB-C connectivity with video output and 15W power delivery.

We have the Sneaker X Bounce PC system for the most unique product of the bunch. Limited to 1000 units, it was designed in collaboration with graffiti artist Bounce to give it a street look. It features detachable speakers with DTS Studio Sound, LED lights and a wireless speaker design inspired by the Bounce Rabbit.