Will the new Xbox Series X or PlayStation fit in your home entertainment unit?

Thousands of Australians will take delivery of their next-generation gaming console in just a few weeks, and while many more will wait much longer due to the unprecedented demand paired with production delays, there’s a much more pressing question to be asked and answered — where will you put it?
Both Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles are enormous, by almost any measure. 9News has obtained both units for review, and there’s little doubt that many people will need to find a new place in their entertainment unit for this latest purchase.
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How will the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 fit in your home entertainment unit? (Supplied)
Sony’s PS5 tops the charts, sitting 390mm tall, 260mm deep and 104mm wide if you’re standing it up on end. Laying down, in a more traditional VCR-style configuration it’s 390mm wide, and 104mm tall. The height should work for most people, in our tests it was a tight squeeze, but the width could pose problems for some.
Perhaps more challenging, though smaller, is Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Despite the curved and innovative design of the PS5, the Xbox is problematic due to its obscure mass.
The Series X would sit 301mm tall, and is 151mm deep and wide. Laying down, it’s 301mm wide, 151mm tall, and 151mm deep.
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The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next generation console releasing on November 12 this year.
For the majority, this unit will need to sit out on an entertainment unit near your TV.
It’s the ultimate first-world problem, having invested hundreds of dollars in the latest in gaming technology, you’ve got to work out if it will fit in your home.
Those who opted for the lower specification Xbox Series S won’t have any such problems. It’s one of the smallest consoles ever made, certainly by Microsoft.
When compared to previous generations of both Xbox and PlayStation, both new units are radical in design and size. What’s packed inside are some of the most powerful computing and graphics technology on the market. Both herald a new era of higher quality gaming to match the 4K and now 8K TVs hitting the market.
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The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will launch globally on November 10.
The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will launch globally on November 10. (Microsoft)
Of course, with the first wave of orders well and truly sold out, you’ll struggle to get your hands on one in 2020.

Source: 9NEWS