Review | Rollerdrome is like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meets John Wick

If you’re into action sports and shooting video games, look no further than Rollerdrome.
At first glance it’s an awkward mashup of some of the greatest video games of the past few decades, but what’s been served up is a total hit.
It’s the latest video game developed by Roll7, who are just off the back of Olli Olli World, another skating adventure game. 
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Rollerdrome is out now on PlayStation and PC (Private Division)

Graphics and story

Rollerdrome is a deadly game set in the not-too-distant future (the year 2030), where roller skaters must arm themselves and take on an arena filled with bad guys. 
Think Jet Set Radio crossed with Tony Hawk Pro Skater — oh, and add guns. 
The art style is a little old school with cell shading effects, but it adds to the comic book feel. 
You play as newcomer Kara Hassan, who must prove herself in the arena before heading to the championships. 
Following a very thorough, quick and informative tutorial, Hassan is allowed entry.
This is where the fun begins.


Players can skate and flip through desert canyons, icy tundra’s and shopping centres – all of which are transformed into skateparks. (Supplied)
Spinning, flipping, grinding and shooting your way through a deadly skatepark — it’s quite the rush.
You can’t fall down on your skates. Your skills at skating make you immune to falling, which makes all the trick landing that little bit more satisfying.
But you aren’t immune to bullets.
Combat is very action-packed and fast-paced — timing is everything. 
There were moments when multiple laser targets were on my back, a dozen incoming missiles were heading directly for me, and all I wanted to do was pull off the perfect backflip.
Coming in to land that dream trick and pulling down on the aim trigger will activate Rollerdrome‘s “bullet time” feature, allowing you to slow down time, precisely aim and shoot down enemies in style.
In Rollerdrome, completing tasks will help you progress to the next level. (Supplied)
In the same style as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, players have certain challenges to complete across the map, and ticking them off allows you to progress through the game.
Bad guys get bigger and tougher the further you progress, but the maps tend to repeat after a while.
When you think shooting game, you think violence. But I found myself concentrating more on the challenges and tricks than the gore.
When I say gore, I don’t mean heads exploding and blood and guts. There are some bloody particle effects, but Rollerdrome‘s comic-like design takes away from the “killing”.
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When not in the arena you can navigate the change rooms, among other areas, in first-person — walking around and exploring your environment.
An odd feature at first, but little titbits in the environment help grow the story. And while it’s quite restrictive, it certainly helps break up any repetitiveness found in the arena battles. 
Rollerdrome has been published by Private Division. (Roll7)

Should you buy it?

Rollerdrome is a fast-paced, action-packed and intense skater-shooter with stylish graphics and rewarding gameplay.
If you like skating, slow-mo action, shooting guns and feeling like a total badarse then this game’s for you.
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PlayStation and PC owners can pick up Rollerdrome now for around $45.

Source: 9NEWS

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