PlayStation 5: Teardown reveals hardware tweaks to make console cooler, quieter

Sony has shown off the guts of the PlayStation 5, and it is hefty – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Five years in the making, we now know why the PS5 is as big as it is and what makes it tick.
In Sony’s latest “PS5 Teardown” video they show off the inside of the console, the processor, it’s memory and how the console keeps cool.
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Sony’s Vice President of Mechanical Design, Yasuhiro Ootori, show the inside of the PS5. (Sony)
We finally get some answers to a few burning questions, namely that the console’s front and back plates can be removed (hinting at future customisation).
We also now know why it needs to be so big: the PlayStation 5 measures at 390mm tall, 260mm deep, and 104mm wide, compared to the Xbox Series X which is 80mm shorter.
A “laser radiation” warning greets you at the start of this video – don’t try this at home.
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Great care has been taken to have the PS5 run as cool as possible. (Sony)
Sony’s Vice President of Mechanical Design, Yasuhiro Ootori, is the engineer seen pulling the console apart.
Each piece is laid out on the table in front of him.
It’s incredible how much they can pack into the case.
Sony claims the PS5 is the most “transformative console” yet.
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The PS5 uses “liquid metal” as a thermal conductor to draw heat out of the console. (Sony)
There’s a few things keeping the PlayStation 5 cool while you play – including a large double-sided fan, fancy copper “heatsink” and splash of liquid metal on the base plate.
Sony has seemingly put a lot of time and effort into making the PS5 as quiet as possible, after the previous generation’s console was labelled excessively loud.
In their latest blog, Sony says they can’t wait for people to “hear” it (PlayStation 5) for themselves.
How the PlayStation has evolved over the past 25 years
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The PlayStation 5 launches in Australia on November 12.

Source: 9NEWS