Recently, discourse in the Halo space started leaning towards the notion that the franchise could be labelled the biggest ‘bag fumble’ in history. This topic surfaced following the immense (and ongoing) success of Helldivers 2, which prompted some users to dream of a Halo ODST title ‘just like Helldivers’.

Fans of the iconic series have stressed that Halo is a wasted resource, all but abandoned and quickly fading out of importance when it could have been one of the broadest and most impressive franchises in the history of gaming. On Twitter, one former 343 Industries developer joined the conversation, dropping a stunning revelation.

How Many?!

On Twitter, Kevin Schmitt, a Senior Designer at Epic Games and former employee of 343 Industries, LucasArts, and Rockstar, revealed a juicy tidbit about his time working on the Halo series:

We must have pitched 20-30 game ideas over the 12 years I was there that would have totally worked in the Halo universe. Many SP & MP ODST themed ones. Some galaxy-spanning, some more intimate…and one that was really dark. lol.

In just over a decade, dozens of Halo pitches were gunned down, all the while the series pushed ever closer to nothingness, becoming a bottom-shelf shooter rather than the top-tier titan of gaming that it should be. Once upon a time, Halo was a figurehead – a staple shooter that acted as the tip of the spear in the popularisation of multiplayer FPS titles.

With enough lore to fill several tomes and an entire universe ripe for exploration, it often seems bizarre that Halo hasn’t been expanded to epic proportions. In a follow-up question, one user asked Schmitt what the actual problem was at 343 that prevented these games from making it to production, to which he said, ‘Oh boy, how I wish I could answer this.’

Something tells me his answer would rock the boat a little.