Epic MEGA Sale Week One Highlights! Check Death Stranding for free

We’ve teased you enough. The Vault is open, and we can reveal the Epic MEGA Sale 2023’s Week One highlights. You can grab Death Stranding for free from 11 AM ET, May 18, 2023 to 11 AM ET, May 25, 2023.

There’s more! You can also grab the Fortnite – Coldest Circles Quest Pack for free as well. Here are the deets on week one’s highlights. 

Free Game Week One

Death Stranding

Our free game this week, Death Stranding, is a third-person adventure about a man shepherding vital supplies across a broken but staggeringly beautiful post-apocalyptic USA. 

A cataclysm has ruined the world and left isolated pockets of survivors across the land. Sam Porter Bridges is doing more than just delivering parcels. He’s carrying equipment that brings the disconnected settlements together via a communications network. He’s building routes for people to follow (they’re shared online, you’ll never see another player, but you can follow in their footsteps and make their journeys safer). Sam, knee-deep in mud, bruised and broken, slowly brings the world together. 

It takes the delivery aspect very seriously. Piled high with packages, you slip and stumble as you cross the frighteningly jagged rocks. Choosing the correct route and delivering the parcels on time and intact is just one aspect. Keeping Sam alive is another. Nowhere is safe. Cargo obsessed cults hunt you down and fight for the precious packages. Echoes of the dead haunt the land, turning the world into a tarry swamp should they get close. 

This strange, beguilingly original game is the ultimate walking sim, where every footstep is a hard-fought battle, and it’s free from 11 AM ET, May 18, 2023 to 11 AM ET, May 25, on the Epic Games Store. 

You can make it even better. Death Stranding Director’s Cut Upgrade is 50% off during the sale. 

Giveaway: Fortnite – Coldest Circles Quest Pack

This week’s giveaway is for Fortnite. When fiends freeze over, you get the Coldest Circles Quest Pack. Complete Quests to unlock:

  • Underworld Desdemona Outfit
  • Frozen Oculara Back Bling
  • Cold Furia Pickaxe
  • Frozen Over Wrap

*This cosmetic set may be sold for V-Bucks in Fortnite’s Item Shop at a later date.

This offer is available until 11 AM ET, June 15, 2023. You can grab the quest pack from the Add-Ons page. After claiming, you must redeem this offer in-game by logging in with your account on this platform AND complete the four quests by 11 AM ET, August 8, 2023. We estimate the quests to take an average of 25 match hours. 

Epic Rewards Launches

Week one also sees the launch of the brand-new Epic Rewards program. Buy any games, apps, add-ons, or virtual currency on the Epic Games Store, and 5% of your spending will be granted to your Rewards balance. H

Check back next week, 11 AM ET, May 25, to see what Week Two’s highlights are. Spoiler: more games! 

Source: epicgames.com

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