Online “Library of Properties” Helps To Create Safer Nanomaterials Faster

Nanoparticle Scales of Descriptors

Scales of descriptors — from whole nanoparticle to unit cell to individual atoms. Credit: University of Birmingham

Researchers have developed a ‘library of properties’ to help identify the environmental impact of nanomaterials faster and more cost-effectively.

Whilst nanomaterials have benefited a wide range of industries and revolutionized everyday life, there are concerns over potential adverse effects — including toxic effects following accumulation in different organs and indirect effects from transport of co-pollutants.

The European Union H2020-funded NanoSolveIT project is developing a ground-breaking computer-based Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment (IATA) for the environmental health and safety of nanomaterials.

Over the last two years, researchers from the

Source: SciTechDaily