Gameplay and details revealed for long-awaited PlayStation title

PlayStation’s latest State of Play event showcased one of its most anticipated titles, Horizon Forbidden West.
Today we received our first proper look at the game, with developers Guerrilla revealing 14 minutes of new gameplay.
While we didn’t get a good look at the open world, we dove deep underwater and journeyed through a tropical jungle.
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Horizon Forbidden West was showcased at PlayStation’s State of Play event. (Sony)
This time around, as expected, Alloy has new abilities and weapon upgrades. 
Her spear seemingly packs a punch, knocking back enemies with electrical charges. 
Unlike the first game, Alloy now wields a grappling hook to help propel her to higher places.
She also has access to a tech-glider which sees her traverse open spaces with ease and softly fall back to the ground. 
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One thing we were hoping for, but didn’t get, was a release date. 
Guerrilla took to Twitter after the showcase to say they’re still on track.
All we know for sure is Horizon Forbidden West is on its way to PS4 and PS5, we’ll just have to be patient.

Source: 9NEWS

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