Popular game Fall Guys goes free to play, with giant jellybean guessing comp launched in Melbourne

The hugely popular multiplayer game Fall Guys has been given a big update and is now free to download and play on all consoles and PC.
A gaming staple when COVID-19 lockdowns hit in 2020, Fall Guys has come a long way since.
The zany gameshow-like videogame features wipe-out style obstacle courses, colourful costumes and a chaotic race to the crown.
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Fall Guys is now free to play on consoles and PC. (Supplied)
Gamers can download and play it now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on PC via the Epic Games Store.
To mark the occasion, the team behind Fall Guys has created a giant jellybean competition for Melburnians.
The sugar-filled guessing game has been installed at Emporium Melbourne and those heading through the Lonsdale Street entrance of the shopping centre won’t miss it.
A two-metre tall jelly bean jar has been installed at Emporium Melbourne to mark the Fall Guys “free for all” season. (Supplied)
The display is two metres tall and has a little over a tonne of jellybeans inside.
Gamers and punters alike can head down and take a guess from today until June 26.
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First prize is 150kg of jellybeans, with plenty more runner-up prizes on offer.

Source: 9NEWS

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